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Entrepreneurs are the hunters of the 21st century. If you take on the risks and responsibilities of owning a business, at least it should be fun.

John F. Dini draws on thousands of hours of face to face coaching with entrepreneurs, using the personal true stories of successful owners to drive home the challenges, rewards, exhilaration and terror of being a business owner.
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John’s breakthrough is to take a fundamental truth about human nature and apply it, with laser focus, to the act of starting and running a business.

—Seth Godin, Author of Fifteen International Bestsellers

How Refreshing! A celebration of the drivers of our economy. This book is clarifying, validating and incredibly helpful. A must read for any entrepreneur.

—Gino Wickman, CEO, EOS Worldwide

Hunting in a Farmer’s World explains to entrepreneurs that they don’t have to follow the requirements of traditional management books to succeed. It encourages the hunters of the business world to do what they do best… hunt!

—John Brown, CEO, The Business Enterprise Institute

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The Author – John F. Dini

Widely recognized as one of the nation’s leading experts on small business ownership, John is a consultant and coach to hundreds of business owners, company presidents and CEOs. In addition to his book, John writes articles on business topics for newspapers, magazines, his blog and in his weekly column on business ownership.

A well-known speaker, he frequently presents keynotes and workshops to business groups and national associations across the country.
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