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The City vs Suburbs

When I was ten years old, I talked my parents into swearing to the newspaper regional manager that I was twelve so I could have a route. We lived in the Ramapo mountains, and my 18 or so customers, strung out over 3 miles of hills, yielded paltry income. I went door to door into new subdivisions and eventually had over 60 customers stretching over 7 miles of hilly streets. I felt like quite the entrepreneur until, on one bus trip for contest winners, I met a kid from the city who had 80 customers…in one apartment building. My route took over 2 hours. His took 15 minutes!

John F. Dini
Author of Hunting in a Farmer’s World

Through The Forest

In about fourth grade, I created a Haunted Trail through our forest in the weeks leading up to Halloween. I recruited the neighborhood kids as actors. We would make hundreds of dollars a night. It certainly made minimum wage seem trivial when I was of ”working age”.

Lara August
Owner, Robot Creative

The Lemonade Stand

My first job I remember was a lemonade stand, but it sucked because there was very little traffic in front of my folks’ house. Then I figured out I could take my stand to the construction sites around the neighborhood and make about $30 a day selling to the workers. I can’t believe my parents let me do that.

Sheridan Chambers
Principal, Denim Group